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"Educating global citizens for a changing world"

Neeraj Senior Secondary School is established by a group of expert academicians, professionals and philanthropists who have gathered under one roof with the sole objective of spreading healthy education to all aspiring students of our society. We aim to bring out the hidden talents of the young students. We propose to help our students release their strength, recognize their aptitude and mould them according to their needs.

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Chairman's Message (Dr. Ravindar Yadav)

As the world gets smaller and smaller with technology explosion the need to think globally is of paramount importance . In my perception education is all about the paradigm shift from local to global and we need to adapt ourselves to that environment. At NSSS Manesar we endeavor to promote a classroom of thinkers who have the courage and conviction to lead the world with insight, competency, caliber and impeccable educative values we highlight the school’s commitment to broaden the students horizons and enable them to build and focus on the integrated, enlightened world. At our school we have envisioned that embedding the teacher in every fact of their learning process trigger them to achieve the quality of education and make them empowered and responsible citizens of the world, It is our endeavor to take the learning process to a level where children can discover themselves as an individual. Who will enrich the world with her knowledge, imagination, positive attitude and deep sense of freedom to lead to become caring, competent, talented and responsible citizens.

I believe in the quality of education for the past 20 years and will continue to do so in the futuristic time.


Principal's Message (Ms. Raj Bala Yadav)

Teaching and learning are core activity of a school. Being part of 21st century, it gives immense pressure on us to be acquired by 21st century skills. These skills are the only requirement to develop in order to succeed in life. Preparing students for todays world demands that education be diverted in a vastly different manner. True 21st century learning must involve more than information literacy alone. Traditional 3R’s ( Reading, Writing, Arithmetic) are not sufficient and new 4C’s are also required

  • Critical  and problem solving

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity and innovations

Schools are expected to develop young people who are information and media literate, cricital thinkers and problem solvers, communicators and team players.

We must try to involve new ways of viewing problems open doors to a brand new world of potential solutions and perceptions.

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Welcome to "Neeraj Senior Secondary School"

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Sector M1, Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana 122051, India


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